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How we deliver

Delco VP offers a range of products to help students stay on target and aim higher.



In Time

Moderate the risk of course failure with a nine-week unit recovery program.

Credit Recovery

Stay on pace with a wide selection of multimedia-based curricular options.


Flexible learning options for students unable to attend school. 

Enrichment and Advancement

Advanced Placement®

Enhance a college admissions profile by accessing twenty-three AP® courses.

Course Advancement

Fulfill prerequisites or other requirements to open up scheduling options and meet individual learning goals.

Dual Enrollment

Earn 3 college credits and 1 high school credit simultaneously from top-tier universities across the US. Over 120 courses available.

Summer Options

Whether you need to get a jump start on coursework for the next school year or to catch up on courses that you may not have successfully completed during the current school year, DelcoVP has a variety of flexible summer options to help you meet your goals.

This multimedia-based curriculum helps keep students on pace and engaged in their learning. With a range of summer and school year course options, Delco VP supports students of all academic needs.

Give your students the option to advance their curricular program. Course Advancement allows motivated students to fulfill prerequisites or other requirements to open up their school-year schedule or meet individual learning goals.


Expand your learning experience with a high school or college level course.  No school approval is required for enrichment courses!

Prepare for an upcoming SAT, ACT, or Keystone exam with an interactive online curriculum.

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